Take yourself forward

At times, you can find yourself facing a wall of challenge – a wall of doubt. You wake up and face the day with an underlying question as to whether or not you can do what it is you should be doing. For some this can take them to the depths of despair and depression.

There is only one option when faced with this. Take yourself forward.

I use those words deliberately because it demonstrates the necessary separation between ‘you’ and ‘it’. The mind and the body are linked, intrinsically and physically. They feed off each other. Tired mind, tired body, and vice versa. But it is the spirit that lives within you that drives you forward.

When faced with the inertia of darkness and despair, use your spirit, to pick up and carry your mind and body forward, one step at a time.

Make no mistake about it, your dark thoughts are fuelled by your mind. Your physical fatigue is driven by your body. In both instances, you can decide how you will respond.

Will they define you? Or, will you define them?

Boxers call it heart. Some may call it God, or the divine. Call it what you will, it is the spirit within you that defines you in the moments that are the hardest. Whatever you call it, the only way to push forward through that feeling of inertia is through accessing your inner drive. Your resolve to live this life with meaning and purpose. To have a mission which enables a focus and determination within your spirit.

I have always enjoyed the proverb Footprints in the Sand.

It describes a man reflecting on his life as footprints in the sand. He sees two sets of footprints – one his and one God’s. He notices that when time was toughest, there was only one set; he assumes he was abandoned.

When he asks God why he was abandoned, god replies “I love you and would never leave you. It was then, that I carried you”

You don’t need to be religious to see the power in this truth. You can see it as layers of capability or power within you. However you see it, tapping into the underlying fuel is the only way to truly carry yourself forward in the toughest of times.

Cultivating your spirit, will be a topic of another blog.

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