Calm through the Tension

The world around you can be chaotic. But the world inside you, can be calm.

As you go through your day, walking forward step by step on your journey, take a look around you and observe. In particular, the people.

Look at the people engulfed in their phones – existing elsewhere.

Look at the people with frowns on their faces, clearly stressed out – existing elsewhere.

Look at the people gossiping with one another – existing elsewhere.

Look at those reading newspapers, or watching news shows, and reacting shock and concern – existing elsewhere.

There’s an obvious correlation.

The world around you can be chaotic. But the world inside you, can be calm.

And right now, the world is chaotic. Immensely so. Yet, you’ll notice that the only reason the vast majority of people are chaotic themselves is not because of some direct interaction. It is not because they are being directly impacted by whatever it is they’re worrying about. It is because of their technological link to some far flung, distant world, or some other persons dark thoughts and actions.

It is only through the immersion of self in other times and interactions, that you end up excessively stressed and worried.

We do not need to take on the issues of the world. We have no desire to either. Yet, across societies we do so, over and over again.

And we all know how good it feels to ‘switch off’ and go on a break where we are disconnected.

Here’s the challenge for me, as stated by Josh Waitzkin in a podcast: “We want to be able to meditate and have a meditative state throughout our lives – in a hurricane, in a thunderstorm…

My mantra, for the last few years has been this…

I am here. It is now.

That simple statement, repeated in my head, with little or no interaction with other space or time, enables me to deal with my life – the here and now – as effectively as I can. Couple it with a brief sensory focus, like touch or smell, and it becomes even more powerful.

Try it. You can even apply this in a meeting, on the sports field, or during a tense situation.

Be here and now. And enable yourself to give it 100%

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