The Power of Intentionality – Part one

It’s 6:15 am. I’m on my couch after meditating watching the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean. My three kids and wife are still sleeping. I’m heading in to another day doing what I love to do while my wife and fulltime mother, takes care of my kids during their school holidays. Damn life is good.Continue reading “The Power of Intentionality – Part one”

Calm through the Tension

The world around you can be chaotic. But the world inside you, can be calm. As you go through your day, walking forward step by step on your journey, take a look around you and observe. In particular, the people. Look at the people engulfed in their phones – existing elsewhere. Look at the peopleContinue reading “Calm through the Tension”

Pathway of Self Creation

Men want to grow.  They want to be better.  There is an innate desire within us to improve and evolve. To improve yourself in any meaningful manner, there is a sequence of events, that have to unfold. Get Real You can’t make change unless you’re real about the situation you’re in.  Getting real is aboutContinue reading “Pathway of Self Creation”